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-fth of the soum w brings us back to where we started. the burrito we arded at the beginning the story weighs in at 955 calories. that is the equivalent of eating 37 hershey's kisses. as our chef and chipotle point out, you don't have to order the burrito tt way. the statement says "because our customers decide what goes into the individual order, we can meet any set of diet terry preferences or resictions. so if you have to have beef, you can order three hard tacos with steak, pinto beans, sour cream and lettuce for a moderate total of 610 calories. even those who know what to order have a tough time resisting temptation. >> i love chocolate. depends on the day. >> representatives for dairy queen and chipotle point out they have a variety of menu options. >>> the news is far from over. the new as 11:00 starts right now. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: >>> rate off the top, the hudson river, the scene of another terrifying accident. this time, no miracle. the photo showing a small plane and helicopter colliding. nine people are feared dead. tonight, inves
weeks. road crews will use the time to replace the concrete pavement on the interstate there. vdot says expect delays. >>> the british government is rejecting criticism for its compassion yacht release of the lobber by bomber who took down pan am 103. he was welcomed back to libya to huge cheers. he was released from a scottish prison because he was terminally ill with prostrate cancer and has a few months to live. admiral mike ullen says kehe's appalled by the release and calls it an obvious political decision. scottish oicials say there is a good deal of public support in the u.k. pan am flight 103exploded over lockerbie scotland back in 1988. 259 people were on board and killed. as well as 11 people on the ground. the bomber was convicted back in 2001 and sentenced to life in prison. >>> new york senator charles schumer is pushing for a national passengers bill of rights after a second plane load of passengers got stuck on a jet for six hours. it happened friday at new york's kennedy airport. reportedly because of construction and weather. earlier this month you may remember passenge
. >>> that does it for us this morning. stay tuned for fox news sunday and join us back here tonight at 6:00 for the latest news and weather. >> i'm chris wallace and this is >> i'm chris wallace and this is "fox news sunday." captioning made possible by fox news >> amid outcries over death panels, new information about what critics call the death book. is the department of veterans affairs already counseling former soldiers on when to pull the plug? we'll talk with jim towey, who blocked the plan during the bush years but said it started again under president obama. and v.a. assistant secretary tammy duckworth, a veteran of the war in iraq. then health care reform in trouble. will democrats drop the public option? will they stop dealing with the gop and try to go it alone? we'll ask pennsylvania democrat senator arlen specter and paul ryan, the top republican on the house budget committee. also, former bush homeland security chief tom ridge says he was pressured by other top officials to play politics at the terror threat level. we'll ask our sunday panel on weigh in. our power player of
get anything new, just let us know. in the meantime another developing story tonight. today, summer scorching. the temperature believe it or not is not a record breaker. >> the t 6-degree temperature combined with the humidity puts the average of 88 seem cool. gary is tracking the intense heat for us in the weather center. >> just to make this official i haven't gotten in all of the official high temperature readings for today. so far what i have seen for national has been 96 degrees. the record for national on this date is 98. we may get very close if not touch that. i don't think we will surpass that. today at 1:00, dulles was actually actually up to 101 degrees and that was the actual air urat so the record highs foryou can ee national. 96 dulles and 100 for bwi. the fo0 i 0bw1r will be good. a wrecord for dulles and bwybe neighbor and even i.close to that. they have been lower to mid-90s all day long. hd ac hktrue view we have 96 for national. lioocng off oofor dulles. winchester 92. hagerstown 93. the reason they e ncngclioo ofl there is thunderstorm activity to the west. some
put a dent in your weekend plans. >>> good morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. us on steve chenevey.h this thursday morning. the flags at this u.s. capitol at half-staff in honor of the late senator ted kennedy. they will remain that way through sunset sunday. >>> president obama handed down the order in a proclamation yesterday had n. which he called senator kennedy one of the most accomplished americans ever to serve our democracy. >>> we want to take a check on our forecast. for that, tucker barnes. >> you notice that there is a lot more water in the atmosphere. that means humidity is on the increase. >> that was a beautiful shot of the capitol dome. not very windy out there either. >> very still at this hour. we are looking at the possible of some scattered showers d thundetorms as we get into the afternoon. so a changing forecast today. going to be summery around here and then some big changes as we get wek. let's get ewek. let's get started thwi a look at our satellite-radar. i want to mention very quickly atdanny had maximum winds of 60 miles per hour. i will show you awe sa
are emerging tonight as the u.s. attorney general begins a criminal probe in to whether they were tortured urn the administration. we have the news edge on this developing story. >> shaun this is the report and this is the question, did the cia and u.s. government operative break the law with the methods they used in questioning suspected terrorist detainees. the decision by eric holder could very well lead to the same government officials who are responsible for inter gating prison suspects. in this just released report written 2004, the cia inspector general reveals the message interrogators used in questioning terror detainees. some former cia officials filled it in. >> no one wants torture. none of us are for torture. it come down to what is torture. water boarding is not torture and will never beonsidered torture. >> reporter: the cia report goes far beyond water boarding. mohammad was told of a if he they attacked again his children would be killed and another was told his mother would be sexually assaulted in front of him. a claim the interrogator denies. last spring the president desc
arrested in iran. li the swiss diomplstdis d atpeepp to help since the u.s. doesn't itveelh wnsirh an. . they were accused of crossing the border from iraq. they were hikers and one of the missing hikers is identified as a man from pennsylvania. >>> it's a mystery for more than 18 years and finally, closier for a family. >> the pentagon identified the remains of a missing pilot. he was shot down and here's more. >> reporter: navy pilot was shot down in 1991 durg the first night of the gulf war. now, some 18 years later, marines have uncovered bones and skeletal fragments, enough to make an identification. >> i guess you could use the word bittersweet and certainly say, it's good there's closier because the family's been up and down all these years. >> reporter: the officials say that the information came last month according to the defense department, an iraqi citizen stepped up. he knew of a crash and says that the pilot was buried in the desert. he was married and had two young children. >> for the children to know and not have to continue to wonder is their father alive, that's the
. >> it is timeless. it will always stay the same and will always remind us of john kennedy. >> reporter: theternal flame flickers nonstop for more than 45 years now. >> it's awesome. it's emotional. there is so much tragedy and knowledge. it's sad. >> reporter: just down a hill, the more understated final resting place of senator robert kennedy. >> you can't be there without being emotional. >> reporter: now a source of knowledge of the family wishes tell us this is where senator ted kennedy will be, close to bobby's website. >> reporter: a assassinated president, a murdered presidential candidate and now the senator. >> he lived all of his life up there, and i'm just surprised they're going to bury him here. >> was he a veteran. >> reporter: he served in the mill dairy -- militaries in the 1950s. >> well if the rest of the family is there, i think that's okay. >> reporter: arlington national cemetery averages about 30 burials a day, monday thus friday. we're not sure what kind of sayre mony the family is planning, but a spokesperson tells us if a vet wishes to be buried here with full tahonors m
police officers. we begin with prince george's county. a car crashed into a u.s. park police cruiser on southbound bw parkway near route 197 this morning. the officer was flown to shock trauma in baltimore. the injuries are not considered to be life-threatening. a woman also had to be hospitalized. that accident backed up traffic on north and southbound lanes throughout the morning but both are now opened. >>> and four hours before that accident, a virginia state trooper was hurt while trying to pull over a suspected drunk driver. the trooper crashed into a jersey wall in the southbound lanes of route 110 near the pentagon. the officer's injuries are said to be minor. the suspect is still on the loose. >>> a shopping trip took a frightening turn for one fairfax county boil. the man on your screen is facing multiple charges accused of cornering the child inside a booth room. police say he followed the 9- year-old inside the dick's sporting goods and tried to hold the boy there against his will. the suspect is 47-year-old steven ligon. it turns out he's a registered sex offender. he to
bit of effect out there this morning including some warm temperatures. we're glad you're with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour in for gvir dhindsa. >>> storm clean-up is under way in some parts of maryland after tornadoes touched down on friday. two touched down in frederick county, one in carroll county. you see pictures of just some of the damage up there. >> 72 degrees out there in the #:00 hour. >> a little bit of haze we saw in the live shot. -- 72 degrees out there in e 6:00 hour. >> we'll see improvement in the situation as we knock down some ofvehamso e dweoclveud hasome clouds but much. most of thecloud cover is lwel to our souh eld aneast across southern maryland and portions ofd southeastern virginia and, of course, out to sea as well. but for us, things look good in our region. airports, current temperatures, 72 degrees in washington. 71 at both dulles and bwi marshall. the forecast for today, becoming mostly sunny after some morning haze and some morning fog. gradually mostly sunny day, a warm day. not quite as humid as it was yesterday. we'll look if
marks the passing of the anchor of the first family of politics. >> pray that what he was to us and what he wished for others will some day come to pass for all the world. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm brian bolter. >>> i'm shawn yancy. last-minute funeral arrangements for senator kennedy are underway right now including plans to bring him back to our area. >> flags are flyingat half staff tonight at the capitol where kennedy carried out his nearly five-decade career as well as along the national mall and across the country. laura evans starts us off with more on his life and legacy. >> reporter: across the country and around the world people are remembering senator ted kennedy's nearly half century of service spent shaping key policies. he was known as the liberal lion and there is no doubt he left his mark on the history of american politics. >> the work goes on. the cause endures. the hope still lives. and the dreams shall never die. >> reporter: edward kennedy served 47 years in the senate, longer than all but two other senators in u.s. history. but no one can top his legislative a
councilwoman y vet alexander asking someone to call 911. many of us were here for a news conference called by the mayor on hiv and aids awareness. the tan vehicle was smoking. i never saw flames but somebody got a fire extinguisher. eyewitnesses tried to rush to pull open doors to get the drivers and passengers out of both vehicles. they removed some of the injured before firefighters could get here to use the jaws of life to remove them. the more seriously injured were medivaked to the hospital. it was terrifying and amazing to see the accident then to watch people including top city officials trying to help out. >> everywhere. she wanted to get out. she was conscious and everything. she was squeezing our hand and everything. we tried to keep her together until the ambulance and stuff got there. >> you don't know if anybody has a neck injury. it's great help. people's natural instincts. it's one of those things we have to be careful. that's why we are using the jaws of life and other things to get people out safely. >> we really do keep all of our energy focused on the five people who wer
the first days. the u.s. house of representatives quickly approved another 2 billion on friday. but dealers must wait for the senate to give it up. >> i wouldn't have confidence, we wouldn't do it if we didn't think it would go through. >> reporter: but fitzgerald is still being careful, even though she signed on the dotted line. she will wait until the vote goes through before selling her old car. in gaithersburg, tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >>> and more proof of the program taking off, they put them over the top for july, giving the automakers the first increase in years. the senate is set to vote on the cash for clunkers bill on wednesday. >>> and now to the destruction left behind after three tornadoes touched down in maryland friday. one hard-hit area here, frederick county. after two days of cleaning up there is still lots of work to be done. most people spent a third day cleaning up after the storms. the violent winds snapped the old trees, leveled a barn, crushed three out of four chimneys in just one home. >> i think i've been in a state of shock the last couple of days of the it i
and thanks for joining us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. we'll have more on a rain- soaked weekend in the forecast. >>> michael vick makes his return. it didn't take long to appear in his first game of the on se 'll hear from vick coming up. >>> and also ahead this morning, they were nine y oung students to help fight intolerance and change the makeup of america's classroom. green, a member of the little rock nine, will join us. >>> danys istill a tropical storm. s bunot so strong any more. the storm has weakened over the atlantic. winds are just about 40 miles upe hounpew.o ical storwaa tch for oaast c is still in to affect today as l swells ctxeedpel toexpected to dangerous surf and life- threatening rip currents. and it's possible danny may regain speed. >> 76 degrees here in the d.c. area. and we turn our attention to tucker barnes and what is going on with danny. > we've had a lot going on. h adwe unththrstorms overnight and wor flooding overnight in baltimore. and we're starting with clouds d humidity and the hpotential of more halfy rain here in washington. not d
but not until tomorrow for us and that could trigger showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. but today, mostly sunny skies. a hot afternoon. high of 92 degrees. we'll have more details on the forecast. right now let's go to lauren demarco in for julie wright. good morning. >>> we have a new accident 50 westbound at the airport and the h.o.v. lane is blocked so stay to the right to get past that. inbound new york avenue dealing with delays at bladensberg road. on the brakes inbound and then again at the 3rd street tunnel. no problems to report on the beltway. we do have a little bit of slow traffic on the op from college park toward silver spring and bethesda. here we are at the mixing bowl in springfield, 95 northbound looking good as you head in. h.o.v. lanes are moving well. and we do have some slow traffic northbound on 95 from stafford toward route 1. and after that it's a smoother trip toward 395 and the beltway. 395 moves across the 14th street bridge without a problem. that's a check of your tab tab. >> lauren, thank you very much. >>> and new this morning, a tishooting in prince george's cou
. it make for pretty pictures this morning as the sun begins to come up. it could be more rainfall for us as well, scattered rainfl. takeat laik oo hd radar. we'll show youer k e whth precipitation is at thf y ouoft to the est. we did have showers off to the they've pushed fsey'thedveushve offshore. it is a od tuhihi because some goodhunderstorm activity off the coast there. we're not dealing with that here. there car aeeplarou of showers showing up to the north of fredericksburg. it is probably very light e at o ble ofy urand probably some of th notemen vehitting the ground. more persistent rain out to the west that will make its way into our region although not all of that will stay intact. here are the current temperatures at the area airports. 75, reagan national. 75 at dulles. 72 at bw incident marshall. forecast for today looks like this. as gurvir mentioned, plenty of clouds today and, as i mentioned, some scattered showers and thunderstorms. showers here and there this morning and then later on today, some widely scattered showers and thunderstorms. every day this week, our chan
is joining us now with what all of that means and d arh d o teart tehot this morning. >> it sure did. already we're in the upper 80s. ot in a few heah ofrse te he woe ofe he s set to arrive ni a couple of hours. the heat advisory goes into affect at noon. stunties in orange, so to the is where our heat adeasory is and aga the at's the cnabiom humidity and heat, will bibe in excess of 100 degrees this ae erprepared for a prepared fo hot summer afternoon. 88 now at reagan national. that 00 a m.10:00 a.m. we'll get an update momentarily. winds out of the west at 8 miles per ho. lookaaa the regional map. yl 'lcetiti i t8 8 tn atshur heesermpe ur on the map. so you get the idea. we're talking about the record- s kirecord- breaking heat here in washington later this afternoon. our record high for the date is 98 degrees and the forecast, tolieve it or not, is upper 90s about 100 today. there is your morning satellite radar. lots of sunshine and haze and humidity. this theme will continue this afternoon. it should be mostly sunny. could be an isolated thunderstorm. in west virginia here is a little
to the right hospital and the right treatment. >> reporter: robert says he used to believe there was only one sure thing in medicine. >> i left medical school and i left my medical training knowing that i knew the difference between a living person and a dead person. and as of a couple weeks ago, i can no longer say that. >> reporter: kaelin and jim couldn't be more grateful. >> nice when it's a happy ending. >>> the news tonight far from over. the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. >> off the top tonight a new push to prevent passengers from being trapped on the tarmac. thanks for staying up with us. i'm will thomas. >> i'm sarah simmons in for maureen umeh. they're the horror stories all air travelers can relate to. passengers stuck for hours with nowhere to go. fox 5's matt ackland with some lawmakers who are planning to hold airlines accountable. >> reporter: if it's passed, the term bill will go after airlines and force them to make changes when it comes to the way they deal with passengers. the big issue being talked about these days is the time people are forced to spend trapped insi
joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: that is the big question, are there other victims out the? right now we know of two women who have come forward talking to police. police have filed those charges. the women basically saying they came to this clinic and they were inappropriately touched by a man who worked here. police are telling us that man is jorge sanchez. he was arrested on two countses of sexual batry. police believe it all went down inside the chantilly specialist office. the owners have been open with the media as they discuss the alleged crimes. they say in a 24-hour period three female paents complainted about -- complained about sanchez. when they first got the complaint sanchez was not allowed to have any contact with women in the office. the two victims are 27 and 28 years old. the crimes happened between july 20th and august 6th. >> it is very disturbing because i didn't know it was going on. i mean, i haven't experienced anything but niceness from this man. >> she was devastated. this is a devastating, in vasive blow and it's not only were you sexually assault
tonight, a summer hot day only getting worse. thank you for joining us, i'm maureen umeh. >>> and wait until tomorrow if you thought it was bad tonight. it could feel like 100. gary mcgrady has more. >> yes, it can actually feel a little over 100 tomorrow afternoon and evening for a couple of hours. that is because the relative humidity is going to be up fairly high tomorrow. so you get that dreaded heat index that we talk about sometimes that can add at much as 5-7 degrees on top of the actual air temperature. we start off this neveing. earlier we did have thunderstorms up to the east of us. the high definition shong eus what happened, all of it i was is going well off to ithe east. ti had orf a time some of the counties under a thunderstorm watch, but most of it cancelled earlier. the strongest of the activity, g in. pe ursshatofht h pressured temperatures are cooler, last hour we were 88 here, now 82, leesburg is 83. and tomorrow we're under a heat advisory for just about everybody. could feel like it uiis about 1- 103 with the heat of the day. high temperatures tomorrow will be in
would have put us all in jeopardy at a later date and other people, too. because he is the kind of individual, if he had gotten out, i feel certain he would have come back on us for retaliation. >> reporter: montgomery county police caught garcia when they found jewelry taken in the home invasions that were inside his apartment. the jury in the case only deliberated for about an hour and a half back in may before convicting garcia. they said dna found at several of the cme scenes was the key piece of evidence. garcia maintains his innocence. he is a thief, not a murder. he says he will appeal. sarah. >>> now to breaking news in northwest, where nearly two dozen kids are being treated for bee stings. after two separate attacks in rock creek park today. fox 5 is live with the latest for us. tell us what's going on out there. >> reporter: at 3:00 today, a group of kids from a boys and girls club in washington, d.c. were here. they were walking on a trail when we are told that they upset some kind of nest of bees. 14 kids ended up getting stung. they were taken by what's called a
joins us live with the details. >> reporter: this is a very prosperous upper northwest neighborhood in d.c. now called spring valley but it used to be a weapons testing area as you've mentioned. some of the houses are no longer prosperous. this house behind me isan abandoned road because you see the backhoe in the front yard. they were digging in a pit and they found a fliiveg in the pit, an uncorked flask. inside that traffic was a solid substance. they brought it to the edgewood airs until in maryland. the chemical agent mustard was that solid substance in the flask. that was used to make mustard gas during world war i. the army corps said they had air monitors at the site and they are were not activated during the removal and they think there has been no danger to the public. this whole neighborhood in the early 20th century was a rural part of tease. it used to be called the american university experiment station. sixteen years ago, after all the houses were built in the 40sings 50s and 60s, chemicals an arsenic were found in the soil. many of these houses are -- some of these houses
confronted at the exit used a can of pepper spray on the security guard and headed down the street. >> a few hours for the phones to in. sources say they knew who it was. confirming a hunch by the investigating detective, this person was in fact a man. >> tips from citizens as well as law enforcement and other government entities came in to the detective. he worked them. and thought he had a good identity and then obtained a warrant. >> reporter: when he was stopped by police in the district last thursday, bradley was -- >> dressed as oma wan his i.d. showed his name toa be a male. >> reporter: this shows bradley dressed like a woman. it was attn ke woeyars ago after ybads lebway convicted overtreats passing on private property. when we talked to david hill back wa niearly august. he was keen on identifying the shoplifting because of the assault against the guard. the suspect then took off down wisconsin avenue heading for the friendship heights metro station. johnathon bradley was arrested in the district last thursday during a traffic stop when police say his name was ran they f
, 2009. we're glad you're with us. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and for the latest on today's weather and what danny could bring. but first coming up, they rush to get d.c. classrooms ready for students now the same workers were shown the door after a modernization of schools. we'll talk to mayor adrian fenty coming up. >>> and congress works back to work in a couple of weeks, but during the break members en been getting an earful one congressman will join us during the 8:00 hour. >>> we are tracking tropical storm danny. the storm is picking up steam with top winds of about 65 miles per hour. it's expected to pass the coast over the weekend. from the carolinas up to cape cod could see some rain and high surf. >> let's check in with tucker barnes and see if it's good to head to bethany. >> you can see it's showing signs of upper level winds. i'll have more taildes deon dan nwh and where it may track over the next t abaninouh4 wa . shon gt washington weathe it will be summery out there with sunshine and the possibility of a few scattered showers d outhunderstorms. genleal cl
what had to be done. that is what teddy would do. >> thanks for joining us. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm laura evans. senator kennedy lost his battle with brain cancer in his massachusetts home overnight. tom fitzgerald is here now with a look back at the life and legacy of the man who was the kennedy family patriarch. >> reporter: last spring when he endorsed barack obama's presidential campaign, senator edward kennedy invoked his brother's inauguration speech saying the torch would be passed again to a new generation. his own torch may have dimmed a final time but the glow of his remarkable life was the stuff of an american political legend. ary 2nd, 1932, the2n un geyostonnif e kennedy which were. he was destinenito step out of the shadees on of his famous brothers and lead the kennedy clan through good times and bad. >> i dojohn fitzgerald kennedy -- >> when john f. kennedy was elected the 35th president, 30- year-old ted kennedy ran for a seat in 1962. democratic strategist peter finn worked on kennedy's first campaign. >> he was criticized by many in the democratic establishment,
sad eek will join us. >>> and huge match for d.c. united over the weekend, getting ready to take on one of the best teams in the world and we'll get the scoop for this game on sunday. >>> and their epic battle comes to an end. dave versus dave wraps up today as they fight it out to see who can be the best kick returner. >> they both start with one. we'll check o with them. but first we should check in on the forecast for those heading out there. this is the last day for training camp and will they see nice weather. >>> >>> they'll see plenty of sunshine. good morning, everybody. the current reasons reported here in the washington area, a comfortable 65 degrees. very nice out. relative humidity is 73%. a little bit of a breeze out of the northwest making it feel a ttle bit chilly. 5 mile-per-hour winds outf o rtthe hwhwt. ba .0ad30t 8.te 30.08. here is lokothokt ae urite t radaeg for orur . rion. there are clouds out to the west. iot a lot though. even if they pass through the ev ll be a period where you'll have some clouds but for the most part we'll see a lot of sunshine toda
best moves. >>> looking ahead to 7:00 now, a soul artist who used to be with the group tony, tony, tony is in town and we ill join us live in studio -- and he will join us live in studio this morning. fox 5 morning news is just getting started. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour in for gurvir. welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> we'll say good morning to tony perkins this morning. it is quite a bit cooler than we had earlier this week. >> it is like fall. this will be short-lived. >> let's not rush changes too much. >> no, no, no, we'll have a nice day but summer returns for loo k tak a aook at the satellite-rar for our region. it t is quprettyiequiet. there are clouds out there to the west as tucker barnes was mentioning just a rthos time ago. our regional temperatures, awe quite cool start, 65 degrees here. 70 up in new york city and 70 in norfolk, virginia. pittsburgh at 56 degrees this hour. not a bad hostart to careorfo f sunshine. warmer than yesterday but belowe normal temperature. high about 85 degrees in the district. 86
. >> our coverage doesn't end here. go to www.myfoxdc.com and tell us what you think and look for the web poll on our home page and posted the entire press conference there for you. >>> out of metro, two bus drivers have been fired. another re-enstated following investigations into several recent incidents. the driver back on the job was accused of talking on the cell phone. spencer said an investigation revealed the driver was calling metro to report a mechanical problem and the bus was not moving. as for the fire driver, one is accused of refusing to let a customer off the bus after a verbal dispute. the other was busted driving a su-- suspended license. >>> another sports star making headlines, gold medal swimmer michael phelps was involved in a car accident in baltimore. he was driving an suv last night when another car ran a red light crashing into him and no one was hurt, alcohol was not a factor in the crash. >>> a former area police chief is going to jail. david baker spent 19 years as alexandrea's police chief and a dui charge ended his career. he plead guilty to drunk driving. k
joins us with a quick look this morning. >> thank you. back to bill very quickly. just want to show everybody what is happinobill. it continues to intensify. thwind are up to 100 miles per hour and -- okay, i guess we're in the going to look at t still forecast to become maor jhurricane over the next 4 hours. h, nt too bad -- over the next 24 hours. with a cold front starting to shtretclo osetor e urarea, and the possibility of a little nesunshi out there during the morning hours,nse'll see some showeruras th develop up aheahead of that fro latr today and some d of the storms could contain gusty winds and very heavy rain. we'll see what happens. temperatures right now, we never really cooled off overnight. we are at 77-degree at reagan national. humidity back up, 74%. i think the best chance of showers and thunderstorms will be any 2 00 : d an2:00 and anusee aft00yoeru c noon temperatures later today in the low 90s. 91 here in washington. 90 in baltimore. >> we'll talk mother about bill in just a little bit. >>> let's check in with julie wright and look at traffic. >> it is not
tornadoes were reported in with us wis, iowa and illinois. >>> along the east coast, new york's central park, there were wild winds which uprooted as many as 100 industries. branches littered the upper west side. ig the storms hit tuesday night and nobody was hurt. >>> in the prop ins, hurricat bill has ridiculousenned just a little bit now back to a category three hurricane. -- bill has weakened just a little bit now back to a category three hurricane. >> we are still watching that. tony is going to bring us up to date on what is going on. >> i will concentrate on what is happening here at home. we do have a muggy start to the day with with a lot of oucl ds around. no precipitation at this hour. uldn't be shocked in h orthing popped up e er there with th eclouds around. e wethink the precip will hole off until this afternoon. can you see the cloud cover as it pushes into the region this morning. i think it will be more clouds today than sun. currently at reagan national airport, we have a temperature of 74 degrees. relative humidity is up there. you will feel it when you step out t door,
cemetery. senator kennedy is reunited with his brothers at last. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm will thomas. >> i'maureen umeh. tonight'surial capped off four days of heart-tugging remembrances from boston to d.c. we have coverage for you. matt ackland is live at arlington national cemetery to get us started. matt? >> reporter: maureen, what an outpouring of love and support for the late senator. his body arrived at and uses -- andrews air force base this afternoon and then taken to the u.s. capitol for a short service there. the procession went through the district for the last time, over the memorial bridge and here to arlington cemetery. the senator was buried where he wanted to be, next to his two brothers. as the late senator's body touched down at andrews air force base, the final leg of the long goodbye began. under police escort, kennedy's casket was escorted first to the united states capitol building for a short service at the foot of the senate steps and as the hearse pulled into sight, thousands of hill staffers and membe of the public began to applaud. kennedy's l
. joining us now the director of the north korea studies. good morning. >> good morning. thank you for having me here. >> the release now of the two american journalists, what message should we derive from this? >> i think we should see this mission for what it was, a narrowly defined mission to bring the two journalists back. despite the 3 hour conversation with kim jong-il, and i'm sure much was discussed, but in terms of perhaps carrots or promised to be made if north korea came back tothe discussion table, i think that remains to be seen. but we'll know that in the next few days. >> looking at the pictures sitting around that negotiating table. one does have to wonder what possibly -- what could the talks have centered around and you say this should become public knowledge but yet we didn't really know that president clinton was even headed to the area. do you think that we will ever find out what happened out of those talks? >> i believe so. because the press reports now show that quite a bit of a number of people have been involved in the discussion with the north koreans, th
stylists to use other nontoxic products. some customers bring in their own as well. >>> and the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. >>> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. >>> breaking news right off the top ed and accident on the orange 1:00. ac and cident on the orange line, worker seriously injured.n the accident happened during the track maintenance near the in serious was in ersious condition and taken to the hospital. train service is being ed, afno train service between west fall, church and vienna, we'll have more information and bring it to you as soon as we get it. >>> and new developments in the tragedy on the hudson river. thank you for joining us. >> i'm maureen umeh, seven bodies recovered from the hudson river after yesterday's deadly mid-air crash. nine people were killed after the collision. tonight we learned more about those on board. >> reporter: divers pulled a helicopter and four more bodies out of the muddy hudson river on sunday. after questions into the mid- air crash continue. >> there are obligations that pilots have, all of them to be awar
. u.s. park police had to lift a man to safety and the whole thing caught on tape. bob barnard is here with more on the risky rescue. >> reporter: u.s. park police say a 34-year-old man was hiking alone this morning when he fell and broke his ankle. stranded on a mountain about 70 miles southwest of washington, he was rescued by a park police helicopter rescue squad based in anacostia. >> we had national park service rangers call us and say there was an injured hiker might have hurt his ankle in a remote area of shenandoah national pash. so they called us -- national park. so they called us because of the remote area. >> reporter: but finding the man wasn't easy. >> they re giving gps coordinates of his location. we didn't have to spend any time looking for him. >> reporter: he was three- quarters of the way up old rag mountain in shenandoah national park. >> we did an orbit and we could see the hike we are his leg on some rocks. >> that area of the ridgeline is not really a hiking trail. it's more climbing on boulders. >> reporter: david hurley went down to effect the rescue. >> it wa
commander told us the burial service will be simple and similar to honors rendered to every veteran buried on arlington's hallowed ground. for the type of funeral we're looking at right now, this is a standard congressional-type funeral. what that means is that we have a casket team of eight members, a joint casket team. membership of all the other branches of the average, marines, navy, air force and coast guard. >> reporter: as for the like, it will be 95 feet to the south of president kennedy's grave site, which would place it north of senator robert f. kennedy's site, brian. >> and looking forward here a bit, we were expecting a special election to fill senator kennedy's seat. momentum seems to be building that a temporary replacement will be named. >> we talked about this yesterday, in fact, brian. massachusetts governor duvall patrick saying it's appearing that this momentum is building. the leader of the house of the house of representatives in massachusetts is on board. she seemed to have dropped her opposition to this and interesting. one of the names of the care-- caretaker, a pe
want to thank you for getting up early with us for fox 5 morning news. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. thank you for being along with us this morning. we'll start with a look at the weather out west where it is an all-out assault on a raging wildfire. it is just a matter of time before the flames reach mount wilson where transmitters are for the major television and radio stations. crews are dealing with the loss of two of their own as two firefighters died when their vehicle fell off a winding road trying to get to the fire. some people would you go noard evacuation orders also were hurt -- who ignored evacuation orders also were hurt. >> they will not tell to you evacuate if it is not necessary. people did not listen and there were three people that were burned and badly injured cause they did not listen. listen carefully and immediately move as soon as they tell you to move. >>> fire officials say they could pull back crews if condions become too dangerous. flames have charred at least 18 structures and are threatening 1,000 homes this morning. >> and the weather is still
not be a bad idea to grab your umbrella. >> tucker barnes joins us with a look at the forecast and a update on hurricane bill. >> thank you very much. and we have showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast this aftnoon. and plenty of midity. let's get righ a i . tydi let's get right to i theet in t t he afternoon, you could ershe t s s er fashs noow-- showers s tno r offoward western d mndalary lan closer. 'rg tt so we have the leading of edge m llwie ovy ati will move hesp moi red anth re and i think we'll understorms firing an msunorint firdeg up later today. temperatures right now, we are warming up. we're currently in the 80s. let's take a look at the temperatures. 88 degrees right now. humidity 59%. saving grace is the wind, out of the south and west at 13 miles per hour. here is a look at the remainder of the day. partial sunshine and partly cloudy with scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms in the forecast and some could be with very favy rain. and let's go to hurricane bill and we'll give you the latest because i'm giving an update. still a category three hurricane, maxi
for being with us. >> have to say thank goodness for the little bit of a breeze we have out there. 80-degree at 5:00 in the morning. we want to dobetter than that. satellite-radar, there areome clouds out there but not too bad citnd gosour sk ionsconditions go. we'll see a decent sunrise today. i think it will be a mix of clouds and sun during the day, i think da iy, t ink ou dshiclou build in duri trsheoue cof the affect. teeratures around the region, here in d.c., it 0 8isddop grf grma ofw ffopa few degrees during the early- morning hours. let's hope so before it starts to go on the rise again today. here is your day planner for today. partly sunny skies this morning. more clouds later on today. a hot, humid day a high around 90-degree or into the lower 90s in some areas and a better chance of showers and thunderstorms today and some of those thunderstorms could have some heavy downpours. we'll tell you more about that coming up in just a little bit. stick with us for that. >> thank you. >>> let's welcome julie wright and see how her friday is going so far. >> in the so bad. we have the
misdirected and they voted on the land use issue only and that is all. >> one of the commissioners said, in fact, they didn't feel the curriculum was something that was appropriate in a land use setting. for example, we don't evaluate the curriculum of other schools that come before the board, such as catholic schools and others. >> i think the public is very involvedded in this is quite upset and disappointed with the outcome and there will be great concerns raised as this develops. because it is not -- our heritage is not honored in that school. so that is a great concern. >> reporter: there were also concerns raised about traffic and the amount of cars coming in to the area if the school expanded but again the board decided that was not an issue and they voted on it in favor of it 6-4. very angry at the meeting. after the vote several stormed out of the room and had choice words to say about the supervisors. we will have more at 10:00. >> we saw this coming down the pike. we will look for you tonight at ten. >>> guantanamo bay detainees facing criminal trial in dc and virginia. it co
in a land use setting. for example we do not look at the other studies in other schools, such as the catholic school. >> reporter: then there was the issue of traffic and congestion. some argued the road for the proposed site was too small and dangerous. >> i think a lot of the charges that were directed at your school were misplaced. >> reporter: but in the end, the board of supervisor says this was only about land use, leaving the opposition seeing red. >> we'll support whoever is running against it. even if it is pee wee her man. >> now they must go through the entire planning process, the supervisor says the school has been in his district for the last 15 years and he called them a significant teaching facility. laura? >> wisdom, thank you. >>> following a developing story right now out of the middle east, five rocket attacks, hitting kabul, one of them falling near the u.s. embassy. hitting the house of a senior official but there are no reports of deaths. >>> and new tonight, former president bill clinton heading to north korea hoping to bring home the two american
's money they will put to use for new programs immediately. in an effort to keep trains and passengers safe in the nation's capital, the department of homeland security has given metro $9.5 million in grant money for counterterrorism. >> by having more visibility out there, higher visibility in the system, it's very important to us. to get 20 new people out into the system, it is a significant budgetary issue for us. >> reporter: that's not all they will use the money for. metro will equip and train five antiterrorism teams. the four officers on each team will be responsible for random patrols of metro facilities and vehicles and a quicker response to suspicious packages and other threats good so we can collect more data as to what's going on in that system. some will be uniform. some will be casual flows out in the system. >> reporter: in addition to gathering intelligence and sharing information with federal and local law enforcement, metro will also use the money to implement new technology. in particular, cameras and radio communications. this comes just weeks after the worst accident i
>>> most of us hook forward for friday. >> but this one could be a rough friday on the economic front with new unemployment numbers out today. what we are expecting to hear from the labor department later this morning solve the history made on the nation's highest court as judge sonya sotomayor is confirmed at the nation's first hispanic justice. >>> and cash for clunchers gets a tune-up. lawmaker move to keep the program on the road. but for how long? fox 5 morning news at 6:00 continues right now. >>> we'll take a look at the u.s. capitol on this august 7th. the temperature in the mid-60s in many areas, nice comfortable low humidity to start the day today. good morning. thank you for waking up with us this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. gurvir is out today. >> let's check in with tony. it feels good out there. >> it really does. you can call it cool out there this morning. temperature in the mid-60s. it will be a nice day today ith our highs in the mid-80 ok. lowe. 'll we'll start with the sateite- radar composite for the region. no rain being vier he'lll
the ground tried to use his radio to warn the plane and helicopter moments before the impact, but it's unclear if the pilots received that warning. >>> more details now on the top story. the areas of the crash is one of the busiest airspaces in the nation. smaller aircraft in that area are not controlled by air traffic controllers. instead, they use a special radio frequency, informing other pilotsn the area about takeoff times and flight routes. this is a still-developing story. we'll have breaking information as soon as it comes in, plus new reaction on the news edge at 11:00. >>> closer to home, investigators are looking into what caused a plane to crash in maryland killing two people. this one happened in a cornfielnear tnytown wn air t bird with the engine and propeller located in the back. the victims' names have not been released. investigators say the man flying the plane was an experienced pilot. >>> all right. the fox five storm force is working hard on our other big story tonight. a summer scorcher is not too bad out this right now, but just wait. tomorrow's temperatu
it all out for us. >> reporter: brian, tonight this driver's union says she was the first casualty of metro's zero tolerance policy. they charge the agency acted too fast and are urging she be allowed back to work. a blogger says he shot this picture of a metro bus driver on her cell phone behind the wheel late last month and at the time metro's general manager seemed to be saying that driver would be out the door. >> yes, we have been able to identify the individual who's involved and we will take the appropriate action. and the action for speaking on a phone or texting on the inate termination. >> reporter: but her union says not so fast. the group claims the driver had to use her cell phone to call in a malfunction because her radio was broken and says there should even be a recording of the call. the union denies the bus was moving and s ymetro jumped the gun saying, quote, "reported incidents of cell phone use by employees should be investigated fully prior to taking any disciplinary action." some passengers we talked to agree. >> i think they acted too quick because of -- [ i
growing up and seeing footage of the kennedy funeral. >> reporter: robert forte grew up to be a u.s. average lieutenant colonel and battalion commander of the u.s. old guard and -- the honors on saturday, honors he said will be similar to those given every veteran buried on these hallowed grounds. >> whether it's senator or the president of the united states, whether it's a private. neigh entitled to the same. >> reporter: there will be no horse-drawn cason. the casket will travel to the cemetery in a hearse. he requested a simple service with an eight-member casket team, color guard, firing party, the average chaplain and a bugler. [ playing "taps" ] >> the folding of the flag and handing of the flag to the family members, the playing of "taps." the three voles. they were the same. -- volleys. >> reporter: senator kennedy will lay in repose in massachusetts at the library followed by a funeral mass saturday morning in boston. the burial services are due to begin at arlington national cemetery after 5:00 p.m. on saturday. as you might expect, final details are being worked out now a
expects enrollment to go up but school officials would not tell us whether they will meet the goal of 41,000 students which is what the budget is based on. >>> the fenti administration spelled out the d.c. ps teacher learning framework. this document covers everything from assessing teacher progress and reteaching basic issues. >>> d.c. council member mary chai did her inspection of district 3. dangerous lead levels were found at eaton elementary. other things such as broken doors and air-conditioning systems in classrooms at other schools but despite the small troubles chai was pleased with what she found. >>> and students in prince george's county also made their way back into the classroom. police officers handed out drivers for an on going road safety campaign. and a news letter is going out toasteddents staff this week for back to school information to parents for information on inclement weather and parent communications. >>> and prince george's county, frederick county and an arendel county opened up in maryland. more on the schools in just a little bit. and in virginia it's back
're looking at a weather repeat from yesterday. thanks for joining us, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm claudia coffey. tony will have the weekend forecast in a minute. >>> but looking ahead. you may not have heard of nassau tracking the potential asteroids heading to earth so should we worry. the latest coming up. >>> and band slam hits theaters today and one of the stars grew up near d.c. and he's going to join us live in the 8:00 hour. >>> and the redski are back, but it didn't look like they showed up for the matchup with the ravens. we have the highlights from the beltway beatdown coming up. >>> first let's check in with tony for an update on the forecast this morning. >> good morning steve and claudia. steve summed it up quite nicely. if you liked yesterday, you'll like today. it will almost be a carbon copy. if anything, it will be sunnier today. let's look at the satellite radar. we have some clouds south and st and there is some ipprioecitt precitation across southern portions of acthef chesapeake and the potomac. including a heavy rainfall. that looks like down near mt. vernon, heavy
miles away from our shoreline. but first let's show you on max e ca, us itgie s you an idea of where the thunderstorms are. they were back to west. y. march across the c and thank goodness they're movi to the east because we have some thavheinrafry om the torms. mahdr dawira llsw you we s e mov thunderstorm activity to worry about. a line of e torms well f het west of weof t thunderstorm activity is up p in iaprince williallm m for for dale city and woodbridge, marching across the cotyventually. and now over to hillary clinton bill. winds now at 105 miles per hour, so it's weakened just a little bit. still forecast to come back up to 115. it's a category now so it may get back up to a category 3 or regain the major statu and we're expecting a lot of very, very strong rip currents at the beach this weekend. maybe some swells up to 6-10 feet, maybe even higher than that. guys. >> gay yes, thank you ery much. >>> meantime, parts of the east coast is bracing -- bracing for rough waters along the coastline. mike stone from the ocean city beach is joining us. bring us up to speed on th
for joining us, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. we'll have more on the forecast from tumor, but first also ahead, the debate over health care reform comes to northern virginia as jim moran and howard dean will head up a town hall meeting. we'll be joined by congressman moran ahead this hour. >>> and a lot of stay-at-home moms are get back in the work force but how you can get started. we'll look at that in the 8:00 hour. >> and now i promised everybody tucker barnes. >>> what a beautiful morning and sunshine across the area. and today should be a picture- perfect day. a lot of sunshine expected. we're not expecting a shower or thunderstorm activity today. let's get to the satellite radar and show you what is going on ndyou anou see a whole lot of nothing. clouds off the coast and some shower activity off of the carolinas, but that's about it. ahigh ly sunny day as pressure builds ifrom the north and west. even though the temperatures will be warm, it will be comfortable because the humidity will stay at bay for another day. currently 69 degrees. temperatures jumped one deg
in the verizon small business toolbox. . >>> back on u.s. soil. two u.s. journalists held captive in north korea returned home to family and friends. what they had to say about their captivity next. >>> we continue to follow a developing story out of pittsburgh. a gunman opened fire inside a health club killing three people and hurting nine more before taking his own life. the latest that gunman's identity. fox 5 midday news starts now. >>> an emotional reunion this morning as two u.s. journalists held captive in north korea arrive home to waiting friends and family. thank now watching fox 5 miday news. i'm holly morris. >>> i'm allison seymour. lauraling and euna lee walked off into the arms of family after six months. sarah simmons joins us now with more on our emotional top story. sarah? >> reporter: the white house says it is enormously pleased with the return of the two american journalists. the two women had been in prison in north korea since march. the return -- they return home to california with former president clinton and spoke just a short time ago. it was the moment the families ha
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